At the set of "The Lovers of my Lover"

Artist CV


James Rosalind film maker CV:

2010-2015: FilmArche e.V. Berlin; Film Direction studies.

Some of James’ work includes:

2010 - the Alien under the Party Wagon; 10min: A mockumentary commentary on immigration which features a pink haired alien against the backdrop of daily existence amongst the queer inhabitants of Wagenplatz Schwarzer Kanal in Berlin.
Roles: Direction, Script

2011 - Arbeit für Alle*; 3min: A transgender person encounters little sympathy during a job centre appointment.
Roles: Direction.

2012 - 11,000 Angels, Dancing on the Head of a Pin; 13 min: A group of queer friends bathe and dance at the lake and while one of them revisits their past, (s)he misses out on the experience.
Roles: Direction, Production.

2012 - Access Wanted; 52min (documentary film): Remembrance of nazi atrocities is subject to debate, especially around forgotten groups like girls and young women persecuted for being “deviant”. Who, if anyone, is telling their stories? Could it be academics, survivors, or could an another kind of grass-roots remembrance be possible?
Roles: Direction, Production, Editor.

2013 - Rabbit-Holing; 25 min: A queer family weekend in a country cottage disintegrates after the neighbour comes to visit.
Roles: Direction, Production, Editor.

2014 - The Lovers of my Lover; 4 min: A first meeting between two transgender lovers of the same lover.
Roles: Direction, Script, Production, Editor.

2015 - Gay Abandon; 21 min: A joyous s.m. sex date in the woods has an unfortunate outcome.
Roles: Direction, Script, Production, Editing.

2016 - (in post production): Ench@nted; 70 min: A feature length documentary mix form project around the diy-queer film festival “Entzaubert” in Berlin.
Roles: Direction, Production, Editing.

2015 - 2016: Self-employed as a film maker and media educator in Berlin.


James´work has been shown at among others the following festivals:

BFI Flare London, Queer film festival Hamburg, Cheris Cheris Paris, LesGais Madrid, Mix New York, Ladyfest Leipzig, Ladyfest Berlin, Leeds queer film festival, Oslo queer film festival, Queer film festival Bejing, Queeristan, Amsterdam, Lesbian and gay film festival Thessaloniki.