How does remembrance take place in contemporary Germany?

Zugang erwünscht (Access Wanted)

Uckermark: The making-of a memorial. Documentary film, German with English subtitles, Berlin 2012

Zugang erwünscht clip from James Velo on Vimeo.

Uckermark youth/ girls concentration camp near Berlin was forgotten for decades. The prisoners, so called “Anti-social” and “Sexually Promiscuous” girls and young women, long counted among the forgotten prisoners of the Nazis. The reasons behind this point to continuities from Nazism into present day German society.

In the last few years a group of queer-feminist anti-fascists began creating a Memorial on the site. In doing so they developed a concept at odds with traditional state- goverened forms of remembrance. Meanwhile the state-institutions that own the site had their own plans and a debate ensued… Will academia prevail, or can remembrance on Uckermark-KZ be an anti-fascist practice with open access for all?